Albany Pro Musica

High School Choral Festival

April 25, 2021 | Virtual

This year marks Albany Pro Musica’s 21st year hosting the High School Choral Festival! This season’s festival was entirely virtual and featured a multi-session, online curriculum that included rehearsal guidance, sectionals, and music appreciation. Students and educators completed these educational modules on demand this fall, and submitted individual recordings of “Hate Has No World,” a new commissioned composition by APM Composer-in-Residence Dr. Bradley Ellingboe. Student recordings were combined into a “virtual choir” performance of “Hate Has No World,” which premiered at the culminating event of the festival, an online “release party” on April 25, 2021 that also featured discussion with Ellingboe and APM director José Daniel Flores-Caraballo.

The festival was free of charge and open to all high-school students in New York State.

Watch the virtual world premiere of “Hate Has No World”

Watch the full release party video!


Interested in this year’s modules? Click below to watch!

  • Welcome message from APM’s Opalka Family Artistic Director, Dr. José Daniel Flores-Caraballo.
  • Sectional rehearsals – APM Education Director Mr. Brendan Hoffman provides detailed technical guidance and notes on each voice part.
  • Practice guide tracks – Watch and sing along as Dr. Ellingboe conducts and singers from APM demonstrate “Hate Has No World.” You can sing along with the full, balanced-parts version or with a version that highlights your own voice part.
  • Composer’s notes – Dr. Bradley Ellingboe shares insights into his work, “Hate Has No World,” and his approach to composition.
  • Director’s notes – APM Artistic Director Dr. Flores-Caraballo provides artistic direction and guidance for your performance.