Albany Pro Musica

Season Subscription

Albany Pro Musica’s entire 40th anniversary season is virtual and will be freely accessible online and, for the first time, on public television thanks to an innovative partnership with WMHT. No tickets or subscriptions required! You’ll be able to enjoy the music of Albany Pro Musica from the comfort and safety of your home while still experiencing the unparalleled artistry and creativity that you love about APM.

Our commitment to delivering these magnificent programs for free is rooted in our belief that, now more than ever, our community needs the healing salve that choral music offers. Of course, the cost of delivering a high-quality choral performance does not change, whether online or in person, and our traditional income model—which includes revenue from subscriptions and individual tickets—is not supported with this digital format. For this reason, contributions from our family of supporters are more important than ever before. We hope you’ll consider making a gift today to ensure that APM can keep singing during these unprecedented times and for years to come.